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Voice over IP (VoIP) takes analogue audio signals, & turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. Fifteen Group provide IP communications systems and hosted IP solutions

As a Business VOIP Provider with a consultative approach, we put forward the right cost effective solution, based on cost ownership for the life of the system.

The advantages of using VoIP for your business:

Easy to install configure and maintain.
Also inexpensive to add new users.

Simple to scale up or scale down.
A business can scale up or scale down with VOIP solutions, with ease.  A business has the ability to have tens or even hundreds of direct dial telephone numbers for individuals and departments.

Great for flexible working.
VOIP allows users to access a web portal to reconfigure the system at any time.

A range of call features are supported.
These include call hold, call transfer, conference calling etc. VOIP solutions gives users the ability to transfer and divert calls, manually, automatically, seamlessly and transparently to any other telephone number in the world across the public telephone network.

Saves Money.
With no installation costs, inexpensive calls and a good solution for international calls, VOIP is low cost.

Integrates well.
VOIP integrates well with other business systems used on a daily basis.

Ability to deploy and relocate quickly, to anywhere in the world.
Ideal in a disaster recovery situation or when an organisation is relocating out of their local telephone exchange area.  You can take your numbers with you to anywhere in the world!

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