Track and Trace Solutions

Track and trace solutions provide transparency and help you, as a business, to be able to put into place the correct measurements, so data can be fully utilised.

By investing in a track and trace solution, a business can adopt the capability to be able to look up where any product part has been during the manufacturing process and where it is now.


  • Helps to reinforce processes
  • Tracks products from the raw material to the finished product
  • Can obtain important information about where and how the products are made
  • Measures performance effectively
  • Paperless
  • A fully integrated solution
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs

Having a track and trace system in place means a business can always pass on assurances to the customer and provide regular and accurate updates should this be required.

See how Fifteen Group created partnerships across a supply chain making it more open, collaborative and productive.

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Issue Tracking system

If you need to manage customer support requests, the easiest and most reliable way is to use an issue tracking or ticketing system. This involves a support ‘ticket’ being created and following a defined process until it is resolved.


  • Customer requests all go through the same workflow, avoiding any loss of data
  • All customer care staff have access to the same information, so issues can be dealt with even if specific individuals aren’t available to respond
  • Helps to reinforce processes across your business
  • Customers understand the process and can see when an issue is being dealt with, leading to greater levels of satisfaction
  • Measures performance effectively, by monitoring response times, time to resolution etc
  • Increases inefficiency and reduces costs
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Ticketing Systems

This provides an admin area for staff to view incoming tickets or create new ones on behalf of clients, with an area for a client to log in, create a new ticket and view the progress of open tickets.


  • A streamlined interface which is easy to use
  • Highly expandable which we can integrate, change and develop
  • Secure
  • Powerful search engine
  • Advanced filtering allows you to find the information you need instantly
  • Detailed management information
  • Access from any device, anywhere!

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