Software Security

Designed with Security in Mind

All our systems are designed with security in mind, so that not only is your software designed to your specific requirements, but it is also protected.

Cyber security is one the biggest risks to businesses, large and small.

Fifteen Group use the latest technology to ensure maximum system security at all times.

Our comprehensive protection is provided with:

Physical security
Our servers are based in a secure datacentre in Manchester. Our chosen provider is fully ISO 27001-compliant and the hardware is safely protected by several layers of security checks.

Virtual security
Our servers use firewalls to lock down any vulnerable access points. Our databases use 128-bit encryption to keep your data safe. We recommend purchasing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to further protect any privileged parts of an application.

Application design
We use the latest technology and follow best practice to ensure that we do not present vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Extra security levels
We can lock down systems so they can only be accessed from specific IP addresses, or even provide an intranet-based solution which is only available on a local network, for the highest level of security.

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