Lone Workers Smart Safety App

Lone Workers Smart Safety App

You need to provide peace of mind for everyone, regardless of the situation and that includes the safety and wellbeing of lone workers.

Through our alarm receiving centre (ARC), we prioritise the needs of lone workers and aim to make them feel comfortable and confident in seeking help whenever they need it. The ARC is staffed with responsive professionals who can provide quick and reliable assistance in case of an emergency or a potential threat, which can help prevent disasters from occurring.

With this assistance, lone workers can enjoy an added sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that they have a support system in place to keep them safe.

Introducing the Loneworkers Safety App

In partnership with MisentinelSOS, we can deliver a simple lone worker solution that is user-friendly and intuitive. The app provides easy access for all digital devices and platforms.

Lone Worker App Features

  • Location Tracking
    Real-time GPS allows us to locate a lone worker in an emergency
  • Panic, Falls & Shake Alert
    Extend shifts and self-manage monitoring services with one button
  • Incident Timeline
    Incident detail and record is logged for data protection and reporting
  • Clock-In/Out
    Start and end sessions via MiSentinelSOS lone worker app
  • 2-Way Communication
    Integration of text, audio & video communication ensures direct contact with the ARC
  • 24/7 Monitoring
    Automated and timed safety check calls via notification reminders
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How does it work?

Customer Portal

Clients have a web-based portal which allows them to access the relevant information, managed by the control room. All users’ data as well as escalation policies can be updated in real time.

The portal features the following:

Dashboard at-a-glance

Easy data accessibility to incident activity, incident alerts, personal data, 24-hour safety checks, active controllers and other statistics

Activity Wall

It includes data related to employees, device battery timings, signal strength, location and check-in/out activities. You can make use of flexible safety-check timings too.

Incident Report

Details are stored and recorded. Get complete access to fully exported and customisable report by selecting and filtering the fields which are required.

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