IT Solutions for Customer Contact Centres

Fifteen Group work with the customer contact centre sector, to ensure they are able to meet the ever changing needs of their customers, head on.

We provide award winning solutions and partner with the best in technology products to ensure the customer contact centre sector is Smarter through Technology.

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Maler DSO

Ubiquiti Networks

  • Do you feel your business is able to keep up with the volume of customer enquiries?
  • Are missed calls causing you lost business?
  • Are you unable to adapt to the constantly changing environment?

The Challenges

  • Customers can experience long delays in getting through to someone
  • Missed calls causing an impact on the business
  • Unable to align reasons to a high number customer calls/enquiries
  • Being able to adequately measure the performance of customer contact
  • Having the ability to meet the diverse communication needs of customers

Customer Contact Centre

Our communication systems are designed to be bespoke to the organisation, and also to adapt with ease to a constantly changing internal and external environment.

With our range of voice, mobile and other connectivity solutions, we:

  • Improve and enhance the customer experience
  • Measure and improve the ability to manage your team
  • Improve and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Utilise time and maximise profit with outbound contact
  • Offer customers a varied range of media types
  • Provide the tools with which to motivate your team
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Telephone Systems

We partner with NEC to provide our clients with the best in communications technology.

Our NEC telephone systems are installed based on the exact requirements of the customer contact centre you are operating within.


Customer Contact Centre - Support

NEC SV9100
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Telephone Maintenance

We understand the customer contact centre industry operates out of normal office hours and over weekends.

Depending on the nature of the business, this is when high volumes of calls and other means of contact can be experienced.

Fifteen Group provide technical support at these times to ensure any technical issues can be resolved as quickly as possible with little or no impact.

Did you know we can maintain your telephone system, even if we didn’t install it?

  • Quick Response: 4 working hour response time to major system faults and 16 working hour time to minor system and handset faults
  • Support: We are available 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week
  • Hardware Replacement: Full faulty hardware replacement is included, even due to power surges and lightning strikes.
  • Call Outs: All call outs and labour time is included with regard to faults and when providing network operator faults
  • Helpdesk: Telephone help desk support for users and free remote programming and changes.
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Customer Contact Centre - Helpdesk

Telephone Fraud Protection

Telephone systems are increasingly at risk from organised hackers and this threat is increasing year on year.

Fraudsters are operating through automated servers and can run up a bill of thousands of pounds in just a single attack.

These attacks can often happen out of hours and to any organisation size and in worst case scenarios, can lead to severe financial losses.

All NEC telephone systems are inbuilt with Toll Fraud Guard which provides effective defence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is:

  • Tailored to specific business needs and activities
  • Low cost with no PC required
  • In built with SV9100 & SL1000 series

Make sure your organisation is protected and safe from hackers.

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Customer Contact Centre - Fraud Protection

Staff Management

When customer contact is at the very heart of your organisation, it is essential this is measured and used to continually improve the service provided.

If an organisation is unable to grasp a true picture of the type of service customers are receiving, how can the experience be enhanced and value added?

NEC performance and measurement solutions provide customer contact centres with exactly the right type of information to measure and evaluate performance.

  • Abandonment rate
  • Hold time
  • Calls per employee
  • Calls per day and which time of day
  • Average call handling time
  • The reason why customers are calling
  • How quickly those calls are resolved

Armstrong Direct Sales are booming and are up 12% so far.  The call centre is up £30k on this month when compared with the same month last year and with a few days to go.

Craig Green, Commercial Manager

Armstrong Direct

Today’s customer not only expects to be able to get their enquiries dealt with quickly and efficiently via the telephone, but they also expect to be able to communicate with your business in their own time and in a way of their choosing.

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UCB Contact Centre: TouchPoint

Uses & Business Benefits:

  • Improve your customer service
    Skills-based routing means callers experience quicker, more efficient service.
  • Measure and manage your team
    Improve their performance on a daily basis through call activity tracking and reports.
  • Keep your customers satisfied
    The Callback feature means customers who are unable to hold can leave a message and receive an automated call back – when it’s convenient for them.
  • Maximise Profit with Outbound Contact
    Balance out the periods of low inbound call traffic by delivering a blend of inbound/outbound calls to agents depending on their skill-set, availability, and time of day.
  • Offer customers a variety of media types
    Multimedia Queuing delivers all your communications to your agents in the familiar way calls are delivered and prioritized.
  • Motivate your team
    Dynamic wallboards encourage healthy competition between agents with performance levels displayed in real-time.
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Managed IT Support

Fifteen Group provide IT Support to customer contact centres.

We understand the need for out of hours and weekend IT support, so technical IT issues never affect productivity.

Tailored IT support packages ensuring you have:

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week support
  • Remote assistance
  • On-site assistance
  • Flexibility
  • No requirement for expensive ad-hoc IT support
  • Peace of mind

Customer Contact Centre - It Support

Data Cabling

Customer contact centres often need to expand their current site or in some cases, move to another location.

We make sure that the transition is smooth and without interruption to vital services together with maintained connectivity.

Your data cables form the foundation of your system and we can work with existing cabling or provide a brand new network around your infrastructure.

Customer Contact Centre - Data Cabling

Fifteen Group ensures the Customer Contact Centre Sector is Smarter though Technology

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