Internet Security

With increasing reports of organisations losing productivity due to viruses, malware and attempts to hack into their IT systems, the security of your network and your data is crucial. In particular, business computer security is essential to any business.

Fifteen Group take computer security of your business seriously – we can provide you with a comprehensive security solution tailored to your organisation’s requirements. We can provide a security solution in conjunction with our managed IT support

A Comprehensive Range of Internet Security Solutions for your business

Access Control
Restrict user access to data that they are authorised to view, because not every user needs access to all data.

Software and hardware firewall systems that prevent unauthorised access.  A defence barrier between your trusted network and untrusted outside networks.

Intrusion Detection
Systems that monitor your Network to prevent and alert to unauthorised access.

Antivirus and Malware
Intelligent monitoring to keep out viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware and spyware.  Malware can sometimes infect a network and lie dormant for days or even weeks.  Antivirus continuously tracks files even after anything has been detected.

Prevent Data Loss
This can stop employees sending sensitive and critical information to outside the network ensuring all data stays safe.

Email Security
Block those incoming attacks and prevent any loss of data.

Mobile Device Security
Secure those mobile devices and take control over which devices can access your network.

Wireless Security
Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks.  Fifteen Group work with businesses so gaps in security cannot be exploited.  Install products that protect your wireless network.

With our comprehensive range of security solutions, your business is always Smarter through Technology.

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