Contact Centre Communications Solutions

Communications solutions for Customer Contact Centres helping you to transform the customer experience whilst ensuring you remain compliant.

Whether you have a small, medium sized or larger customer service team, equip your organisation with the tools to enable you to work the way you want, be responsive to fluctuating demand and have the ability to innovate.

  • Have technology fit for today’s customer
  • Have technology to enable continuous improvement of the service delivery
  • Have cutting edge communications solutions
The call centre is up £30K this month when compared to the same month last year and with a few days to go.Craig Green, Commercial Manager
We’re partnered with Gamma, to deliver the very best in communications solutions.

Complete Contact Centre Control

Is the business able to keep up with the volume of customer enquiries?
Are missed calls losing business opportunities?
Are you able to adapt to changing customer demand?

Our customer contact communications solutions are designed to overcome these daily challenges faced by businesses who have service desk facilities, customer care teams and any department which handles multiple customer calls during any given time period.

Extend and enhance the customer experience. Take the experience to a new level and not only route the call to an available agent but route it to the agent best suited for the type of call.

Have complete scalability. Direct new agents to calls quickly and select new numbers quickly to ensure they are answered as quickly as possible.

Gain an in-depth insight. Provide a customer and operational insight into every call with user-defined monitoring. Effectively manage based on data gained.

Achieve better outcomes. Have a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and empower agents with the right tools to deliver excellent customer service.

Work smarter and reduce costs. By ensuring every call is managed and handled in the most effective way, calls are resolved quicker and more efficiently. Costs are reduced and centres can adopt a smarter way of working.

Contact center communication solutions

Customer Contact Centre Features

Intelligent Queuing

Customer expectations are driven by what technology has made possible and as a result, customers want to communicate with you in whichever way is convenient to them. With intelligent customer contact centre solutions, customer relationship data is used intelligently to make real time routing decisions across channels. These channels include webchat, emails and social media platforms. Information relating to top spenders, new customers and best performing agents can all be used to best direct a call to the right agent.

With informative announcements and prioritised call backs customers don’t have to queue. If a customer hangs up before the call is connected, the queue rescue solution kicks in so the customer knows you care. A great tool to differentiate a business from its competitors.
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Making Better Decisions

Having real time analytics helps to identify customer contact trends, enabling better decision making. Measure against KPIs using standard reports or customise reports to view data in a way which works for managers and the organisation. Record every interaction and store it safely in the cloud. Analyse individual agent performance, process compliance and the end to end customer experience.

Having better reporting capabilities helps to improve overall operational processes. Discover what you could be doing better, faster, easier, and more cost effectively.
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Real time analytics to enable better decision making

Empower Agents

Our customer contact centre solution is a complete agent application that can be connected to existing bespoke or off the shelf solutions such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics easily.

Empower agents by providing them with everything they need to answer customer queries faster and more effectively from multiple channels, reducing repeat contacts and delivering an effortless, more personal experience.
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