Communication Solutions for Healthcare providers

Making the Healthcare Sector Smarter though Technology.

We offer a range of healthcare solutions that allow different organisations within the healthcare sector to operate efficiently and effectively, meeting the needs of their constantly changing environment.

For over 17 years, Fifteen Group have provided technology solutions to the healthcare sector.  Healthcare solutions that are able to adapt with ease, along with technical support and advice that is available out of office hours to suit a sector that needs round the clock assistance.


Telephone Systems

We partner with NEC to provide the healthcare sector with the latest in telecommunications technology.

The SV9100 platform is NEC’s newest system, with new handsets and new applications to empower your workforce. Built on the back of the award winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet cost effective from 10 to over 800 users.

NEC SV9100 Benefits & Handsets

Toll Guard Fraud

Telephone systems are increasingly at risk from organised hackers and this threat is increasing year on year.

Fraudsters are operating through automated servers and can run up a bill of thousands of pounds in just a single attack.

These attacks can often happen out of hours and to any size of organisation operating within the healthcare sector. In a worst case scenario, this can lead to severe financial losses.

NEC Toll Fraud Guard provides effective defence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is:

  • Tailored to specific business needs and activities
  • Low cost with no PC required
  • In built with SV9100 & SL1000 series

Make sure your healthcare organisation is protected and safe from hackers.

Nurse Call

NEC have teamed up with Indigocare to bring you a complete healthcare communication system.

As a technology partner with NEC, we can bring you this solution together with our commitment to provide expert systems with high quality customer care and commitment.

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The Challenges
One Integrated Solution
The infrastructure
The Security
The Call
The Notification
The Reaction
The Patient’s Terminal
The Logging

Mobility within the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector needs mobility and to have communication solutions that can fit around that need.

NEC’s mobility solutions provide medical staff with excellent and secure wireless communications, which combines the latest DECT communications with the flexibility of Wi-Fi based Android applications support.

Enhance Patient Care and Safety

Personal alarming and communication pendant for care and cure – M166 Communicator

The M166 Communicator is an alarming and communication device, ideally suited to provide personal safety to staff, patients and elderly people, such as in care and cure institutions and assisted living.

  • High definition audio in line with CAT-iq
  • The M166 provides freedom and comfort to move around
  • Pressing the alarm button will immediately alert the relevant staff and send the location*
  • Instant speech connection with the patient for trust and comfort
  • Very easy to use: can be worn with a lanyard or a clip
  • Two charger models: a desktop and a wall model
  • DECT compliance for high-quality speech and general Healthcare IT security

These patients can have further diagnosis or follow up when they need it most giving you complete communication solutions for your healthcare organisation.

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System Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing support and technical advice to the healthcare sector after the installation of a telephone system, ensuring our commitment to customers stays strong.

Continual maintenance and support means the systems we install are able to adapt to the ongoing changes of the sector you are operating in.

Our system maintenance and support can be accessed out of office hours and over weekends. Whenever technical issues arise, these are resolved as quickly as possible, so they have minimal or no impact on staff, patients and residents.

Even if we didn’t install your original system, we can still provide maintenance and support.

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Data Cabling

Fifteen Group make sure that are all your systems are networked together providing an efficient and effective system.

This can include computers, printers and WiFi and much more. Your data cables form the foundation of your system and we can work with existing cabling or provide a brand new network around your infrastructure.

Managed IT Support

Fifteen Group provide managed IT support to the healthcare sector out of office hours and over weekends so when you encounter an IT problem at any time, we can work to resolve it as quickly as we can.

With our tailored IT support packages, we provide assistance remotely as well as on site where IT engineers resolve problems that can’t be fixed through our IT help desk facility.

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Applications
  • Software Licensing and wireless technology
  • Data security and back up

This allows you to manage budgets and improve productivity within your workforce all from one company – Fifteen Group.

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