Van Supplies: A Division of Bri-Stor Systems Limited

Van Supplies:  A Division of Bri-Stor Systems Limited

The End to End Solution: E-Commerce and Stock Inventory System


The Client

Van Supplies are a division of Bri-Stor Systems Limited and for over 35 years, they have been supplying the automotive industry with roof equipment, accessories, internal van racking and security products.

The company leads the way in providing the light commercial vehicle market with accessories across a wide variety of industries.  The company portfolio is wide and varied and they are flexible enough to serve a small fleet of vehicles through to large multi-site organisations that operate fleets of vehicles across a number of different locations.

Van Supplies have been a client of Fifteen Group since 2016, and we continue to work with them as technology plays a part in ensuring they are able to retain their place as market leader in their industry.


The Objectives

Van Supplies were looking to replace their existing website and database.  They required the eCommerce elements of the site to work seamlessly with other aspects of the business and lay the groundwork and foundations to a larger and more comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management platform.

Around this, we implemented a stock solution that interfaced with the new accounting suite but that would also deliver outstanding customer service solutions.  These would support the company’s customer service ethos and further integrate with the chosen courier partners.

The total solution that was delivered was to create custom designed and formed the core of the business activities, driving sales and providing a platform on which to build additional segments.



What We Did

Van Supplies had a system that was:

  • Underperforming
  • Out of date
  • Inefficient
  • Unable to link to other key areas
  • Manually operated
  • Did not support further growth

We created a centralised system using our in-house e-commerce system.

The features of that system include:

  • A dashboard with shop statistics at a glance including order numbers, products and customers with links to the relevant sections. A snapshot of the most recent orders can also be viewed.


  • Orders that have been placed, abandoned and their current status. All details can be viewed and exported.


  • A full display of the customers which can be added simply and exported for other use.


  • A full list of products which can be easily added and edited. Full product details can be accessed and a product’s cost price, selling price and tax group can be managed.  Products can be manually linked to each other which are integrated with the stock system, meaning that as products are ordered, the stock levels are reduced.


  • Categories which can be edited and can include products and brands. Individual branches of categories can also be expanded or collapsed.


  • Brands which can have logos and descriptions added to them together with custom meta tags for search engine optimisation. They can also be merged together.


  • Discounts which the user can apply at the checkout when a specific code is entered. Discounts can be applied to all products in specific categories or specific brands.  Expiry dates can be easily set.


  • An unlimited number of content pages that can be easily added with multiple custom screen template support.


  • Easy online payment for each order placed, adding to the positive customer experience.


  • An admin menu that features tax groups/rates, default person titles, countries, set up of users and ability to manage shop wide settings including Google Analytics, terms and conditions, product settings, checkout settings and delivery settings.


Implementing this system, meant that Van Supplies’ customers are now able to select products based on the make, model and year of manufacture, pay for the products ordered and have them delivered to locations throughout the UK.

For the Van Supplies operations, every product that is ordered reduces the stock levels and links to invoicing.  Once the products in stock reach a certain level, that product is flagged up to be re-ordered.  The entire system is also integrated with their chosen courier partners via the picking and packing module.


The Outcome


We created a centralised system that allows the growth and development of the business.  Automation is the key to efficiency within any business and technology is the driving factor in automation, keeping costs low as the business expands.

Van Supplies have a fully functioning system that provides them with data to gain a full picture of the business sales and operations.  They are able to make decisions, harness the key performance indicators and drive performance.



“We were looking to improve our overall efficiency by ensuring our key systems integrated with all areas of our business.

Fifteen Group created a website that optimised user experience and improved internal processes, making it simple to search the vehicle parts needed, sending the order through to picking and packing and then onto despatch.  With the added integration of the stock system, Fifteen Group have delivered for us, the total end to end solution.  We have complete ease of internal processes and operations where the user is able to access the right information for their fleet of vehicles.

We now have a system that allows us to grow, develop and retain our place as market leader.  Technology plays a vital part in our strategy and with a strong partnership with Fifteen Group, we have solutions that will always be able to adapt. “

Nick Herbert, Commercial Director

Bri-Stor Systems Limited


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