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Schools and colleges are a sector who experience a high volume of calls from a number of key stakeholders.  They operate in challenging internal and external environments which demand the highest levels of communication.

With our experience and knowledge of proposing and installing communications systems into colleges around the UK, we believe that we have a better understanding of what you demand from a system compared to our competitors.

Perryfields High School in Oldbury is a large high school that caters for students aged 11-18 and having an exceptional level of communication between all stakeholders is essential.


Operating such a large educational organisation, Perryfields needed a communications system to meet their needs and requirements.

The school needed to be able to seamlessly and transparently connect to other buildings and schools simulating one telecommunications platform for voice and data utilising the LAN/data network.

They also had a requirement to be able to expand easily as the school grows and to maintain a positive image to anyone looking to get in touch with teachers and other key members of staff.

The system we proposed was the SV8100 which would connect to the existing telephony cabling, eliminating the need for any power over Ethernet switches, but also allowing any future expansion to take place, when required.

With this system, Perryfields would have a secure investment and an additional benefit of system support from Fifteen Group, ensuring operational efficiency is constantly maintained.


What we did

The SV8100 system has the ability to the existing telephony cabling eliminating the need for any power over ethernet switches but also allowing any future expansion connecting to your LAN/data network by way of NEC SV8100 IP telephones up to a total of 512 extensions (TDM & IP).

Where ever there is a data connection the school can now have a telephone!

The multiple benefits of the system include:


  • A fully integrated voice and data communications system that is reliable, flexible, with room for expansion.  It provides a good, positive image to callers and an efficient working system for the school.


  • All of the features and facilities of the telephone system are the same across all buildings and sites.


  • Virtual extensions on the SV8100 enable people/teachers to have an extension number that is diverted immediately to their personal voicemail box, without the need for a telephone! As long as the teacher has email, their voicemail can be sent as a sound file within an email. Parents can be transferred seamlessly straight into the teachers voice mailbox enabling a detailed message to be left.


  • Multi level Auto Attendant.  This is available if required so that calls can be filtered to the correct department, individual or voicemail box.  Staff, pupils and parents can leave a message simply and quickly.


  • Voice mail messages can be left on single telephones or groups of telephones.  This is ideal when dealing with an absence, whether that be pupil or even more importantly staff.


  • Remote recording of greetings or updates.  These can be recorded remotely and or a dedicated DDI number can be set up for a School Update, so parents can call when information is required.


  • A timer delayed hotline.  By setting up a timer delayed hot line to a group of Display Keysets, a panic alarm system can be implemented enabling staff to know where there is a problem, react and listen into a situation if it were to occur. This can work by someone leaving the telephone off the receiver say for 10 seconds without dialling anything


  • Extra mobility for Heads of Departments and senior staff.  This came with the option of implementing a site wide DECT infrastructure to enable seamless hand over from base station to base station connected to the existing LAN/data network.

The Outcome

Perryfields High School now has a system that entirely meets the needs of their environment.    Fifteen Group manages the system remotely as part the maintenance support package so there is no need to wait for an engineer to visit.

2 years after the installation, Perryfields switched their lines and calls to Fifteen Group, saving them £300 per month!

The school has made a secure investment that will adapt and continue to meet their needs.



“Initially, Fifteen Group installed a new telephone system here at Perryfields so we had a fully integrated voice and data communications system that was reliable, flexible and provides a good image to anyone who calls.  A couple of years later, they continued the good work by saving us over £300 per month when we switched the lines and calls over to them!  We can’t recommend them enough!  Fifteen Group have always gone above and beyond to assist us and maintain the telephone system and provide an exceptional level of service.”

Mr Simon Tanner, IT Manager

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  1. by Sarah plant on

    What a fabulous service! Very well written and inSighTful! I cannot say i aM surprised having also received excellent service from fifteen group. Very impressed

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