Little London Surgery

Little London Surgery is a busy GP Practice based in Walsall, West Midlands.

There were a number of changes taking place and a communications system was required to meet the

surgery’s continuing increase in demand for its services.

The increased demand for the surgery’s services has steadily increased and the challenges that the practice faces, needs a communication system head on.The practice had been using the NEC DXE system for 12 years and it was now time to update.


Little London Surgery serve the various needs of the surrounding community.

They identified the need for a new communications system together with an evaluation of their BT telephone bills and costs.

Telephone is the key means by which people communicate with the practice and it was essential that it continues to be able to adapt internally and externally.

We have a specific understanding of the needs and flexibility that is required when supplying a system and supporting it thereafter.

Little London Surgery required:

  • The ability to connect to all of the existing cabling to the new system resulting in no alterations or damage to your décor
  • Flexible Auto Attendant Greetings dependant on the time of day.
  • For the ability of all extensions to have easy access to all the benefits of the new system.
  • Multiple modes of day/night service that can be switched on automatically or manually by time of day, day of week, day of year, enabling different announcements to be given out to callers.
  • An option to record and monitor all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations on Patient lines.
  • Instant historical statistics, so peaks and troughs can be gauged to enable accurate staffing levels and continued high levels of patient service
  • For the maintenance agreement to be more than just an insurance policy
  • For the system to be managed remotely that was somewhere in reasonably close proximity to them.
  • A secure investment that will move as technology changes and enable you to connect things such as Voice Over IP, IP trunk lines, email systems, home workers etc.


What we did

Fifteen Group worked with Little London Surgery to ensure these objectives were met.

The first task was to fully evaluate the current system that Little London Surgery had in place.

We then identified the need for a new digital I.P communications system that will be meet all the outlined objectives.

They include:

  • Utilising existing cabling to the current system, with no changes or alterations to the present décor
  • Call queuing comfort announcements, voice mail for individuals, out of hours announcements and messaging on hold, which all comes as standard with the SV8100.
  • All users to start seeing the benefits with many features that come with the SV8100. Display keyset, programmable key storing regularly used numbers, extensions and features.  This improved the efficiency for everyone.
  • Making sure patients have all the available information readily available when the surgery is closed. This took away the human element together with the responsibility.
  • Free remote programming, health checks and a help desk should any technical issues arise.
  • Advice and support to be managed and handled remotely.
  • A system that will continue to adapt to changes within the internal and external environment.
  • Provided flexible modes of service routing calls to different greetings and groups dependent on time of day, day of the week and day of the year, which is constantly changed remotely, without the need for an engineer’s visit.
  • Ease of re-recording public facing greetings, in-house, without any hassle or any charges from their communication provider.
  • Provided ex-directory lines as well as Patient Publicised lines, enabling calls to still be made from the practice and allows staff and doctors to call in and bypass Reception during busy periods or when the practice is closed.


A new system, which was flexible in the way it performed and which could be changed remotely at a moment’s notice.

The measurement of the performance of the new telephone system now enables accurate staffing levels to be implemented quickly.

Being able to monitor conversations for training and quality purposes eliminated any grey areas and misunderstanding, when taking instructions or giving advice over the telephone, improving auditing processes and saving time.


“Fifteen Group carried out an assessment and came up with a total solution that suited all of our requirements, their advice was very beneficial and the service from the installation engineers was second to none.  Not only was the project completed within time and budget, but the after sales service was excellent!”

Louise Paul, Practice Manager

Little London Surgery

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