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Schools and colleges are a sector who experience a high volume of calls from a number of key stakeholders.  They operate in challenging internal and external environments which demand the highest levels of communication.

With our experience and knowledge of proposing and installing communications systems into schools and colleges around the UK, we believe that we have a better understanding of what you demand from a system compared to our competitors.

Graham School has just under 1300 pupils and having an exceptional level of communication is essential.  Graham School in Scarborough were looking to improve the way the school communicates and further improve their image and experience of callers to the school.

They had been using a system manufactured by NEC for the last 9 years and they required a new system to be based around this.

Following receipt of the invitation to tender for the Telephone System at Graham School and as a result of being the installer and maintenance support company for their current NEC Aspire Telephone System, we were pleased to present a proposal to them for a new I.P. based telephone communications system.


With nearly 1300 students, Graham School required a system to meet their needs and requirements.

Their current Aspire system was manufactured by NEC, our partners in telecommunications technology.  This meant that the management of the system, the use of the telephones and feature codes were virtually the same, limiting the learning curve for administrators and users, whilst enabling a faster return on their investment.

It was essential that Graham School had a system that continued to adapt to a growing need and a challenging environment.

The system we proposed was the NEC SV9100 system which was recently launched.  This meant that it will continue to be developed and support and has the ability to utilise existing infrastructure from the previous system.  With this system, Graham School would have a secure investment and an additional benefit of support from Fifteen Group with replacement hardware for the next 10 years.


What we did

The NEC SV9100 system has the ability to expand up to 800 phones and 200 lines guaranteeing a secure investment along with the ability to connect SIP Trunk lines to replace ISDN2e if required at some point in the future.

The standard features and benefits from the installed NEC SV9100 system include some of the following;

  • Large numbers of extensions. Support of 800+ extensions
  • Simplicity.  It’s easy to add the types and quantities of IP Phones required
  • Auto Attendant option. Greetings can change depending on the time of day or day of the week
  • Alternative greetings. This is for when the main school reception is closed or during the school holidays
  • Separate departmental lines. Parents can get through to a specific department.  For example, an after school facility which parents can access immediately.
  • Pupil absence messages voicemail box. These can be left in a voicemail box and can be accessed through the main telephones or be received as a WAV file attachment in an email to any nominated staff
  • Ad hoc call recording. This can be set up whereby pressing a button during the call can record the remainder of the conversation for future use
  • Call barring options. This restricts the use of the telephones in areas such as classrooms and other communal areas to be able to make outgoing calls.  Staff can override this with the use of a PIN
  • Personal virtual extension numbers. Each teacher has their own personal virtual extension number, so that parents can leave confidential messages for them at any time of the day.  They are then alerted to these messages via an email notification.
  • Toll Guard Fraud. This is an increasing crime and can leave any organisations with costly bills after their systems have been hacked into.  Protection for this comes inbuilt in an SV9100 system with Toll Guard Fraud


We relocated the ISDN2e circuits as part of the installation and provided a telephone maintenance contract post installation.  This added value to Graham School’s investment, which included help desk user support, unlimited remote programming, system replacement, handset replacement that is all covered by our Service Level Agreements.

We spent some time post installation training the IT Staff in the use of the phone system, ensuring the transition was a smooth and easy one.

The Outcome

Graham School have a system that entirely meets the needs of their environment.  The installation was carried out during the summer holidays and so we attended on the first day of term to ensure any issues were resolved quickly after the switch over.

Upgrading the system from one they were already familiar reduced the time it took for staff to become used it.



“From quotation to delivery, Fifteen Group ensured the whole process was seamless and extremely professional.  The installation was carried out over the summer holidays, meaning no disruption to the working day and on the first day of the new term, Scott from Fifteen Group ensured there were no technical issues with the handover.

The entire project management was superb and the post installation training also meant that we were fully equipped with the knowledge to use the system to the best of its ability.”

Mark Ward, Network Manager

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