Central Medical Supplies Ltd

The Client

Central Medical Supplies Ltd is a distributor of medical devices to hospitals around the UK, as well as leading maternity retail brands.

The company offers a complex range of goods and services from its base in Leek, Staffordshire. As it has grown, so has the complexity of its operation, dealing with a large spread of customers across hundreds of NHS and private hospitals, plus members of the retail trade with baby products.

As its operation expanded, Central Medical Supplies felt it needed a full upgrade of technical, communication, and digital services.

It believed existing networks of communication and IT were lacking and, rather than taking a piecemeal approach to replacement, it would commission an outside expert specifically for the role.

That outside expert was Fifteen Group.



Central Medical Supplies Ltd is a company relied upon by key members of the health and hospital community. Its reputation for organisation and reliability has earned it a huge amount of respect and repeat business.

To maintain that position and keep up with rapidly changing technology, the company decided a complete IT and communication revamp was needed.

Central Medical Supplies Ltd also wanted an ongoing relationship with the service provider. The business wanted to know that support would always be on hand to help them adopt new and improved systems, and face new business challenges. One such example is the data protection legislation that came into existence in May 2018.


What we did

Fifteen Group worked with Central Medical Supplies Ltd to carry out a full overhaul of communication and IT systems. After a detailed assessment of the company’s existing set-up, it was felt that any system must cover both the internal and external needs of a company which has numerous staff out in the field.


Our action plan:

* Replacement of servers and network system.  Central Medical Supplies was using a peer to peer system and its existing service provider was limited in the improvements it could make. Fifteen Group employed its wealth of knowledge of Microsoft servers to deliver a high quality upgrade. Central Medical Supplies now has dual servers, one a domain server, the other a more data-led SQL.

* Delivery of a rolling plan. This guarantees the company’s system is always updated and operating at the highest level.

* Mobile device management. The company has equipment such as laptops out in the field. Fifteen Group delivers remote management of such devices, vital if such technology goes missing or is stolen.

* Monitoring back-ups and the wellbeing of the system in general.  This includes the performance of servers and a welter of computer equipment.

* Absolute peace of mind. Central Medical Supplies can relax in the knowledge that their system is being monitored remotely 24 hours a day by experts in the field. Fifteen Group manage everything Central Medical Supplies needs from one place.

* Communications system.  Central Medical Supplies has hundreds of clients across dozens of specialised and highly-technical fields. Swift access to and between relevant departments and staff members is vital. Fifteen Group installed a system with efficiency at its core for both internal and external communication.

* Data protection. Expert advice on how new legislation affects the company, with the rolling out of encryption packages to ensure absolute privacy and safety and compliance with new rules.

* Managed IT support.  As a fully-managed IT support client, use of management and monitoring software that maintains and manages anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Includes applying the latest security patches and virus and security policies – a full management suite of software.


The Outcome

Renewal – An entire overhaul of Central Medical Supplies’ IT and communications system with the added benefit of remote management and operation reacting to changing circumstances at a moment’s notice.

Efficiency – Central Medical Supplies enjoys efficiency savings thanks to the systems and software employed by Fifteen Group.

Confidence – a complex business, one which performs a vital service to the medical sector, knows its systems are robust, safe, and more than capable of dealing with the needs of now and the challenges of the future.

Satisfaction – Central Medical Supplies has a ten year history with Fifteen Group. It knows it can rely on them as a safe pair of hands for the future.

Compliance – up to date and effective responses to new legislation.



“We have worked with Fifteen Group for the past ten years. Over that period their knowhow has completely changed the way we do business. They have always consulted us in detail to ensure developments are completely bespoke to our company. All the way through Fifteen Group have shown great after-care and have always been friendly and approachable. We are in regular contact. They introduce us to new ideas if one comes along. They feel like part of what we do. Unless you are prepared to employ IT experts in-house, it’s best to sub-contract it out to someone with the expertise of Fifteen Group.”

Andy Swann – Technical Director

Central Medical Supplies Ltd

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